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Rufus Stone

Detective Stories

About Detective Inspector Rufus Stone

The first thing to say about Rufus Stone is that he was not named after, nor in commemoration of The Rufus Stone, a monument in the New Forest, which marks the alleged spot where King William II was fatally wounded with an arrow in the year 1100 AD. He was named Rufus, quite simply, because he was born with red hair, which over the years has dulled to a copper-brown.

Renowned for his smart dressing and his slightly unorthodox methods, Rufus is a thirty-two year old detective inspector, working at Scotland Yard. He is single, and since his father’s death five years ago, feels responsible not just for his mother, but also for his two aunts, all of whom have a reputation for being ‘not quite the full shilling’, but who delight in meddling in his life.