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The Nightingale

The Nightingale by K J Frost front cover.

The Nightingale is the fourth in the series of K. J. Frost’s Second World War detective stories, that follows Scotland Yard’s Inspector Rufus Stone. This story sees Stone returning from his honeymoon at the beginning of 1940, and looking forward to settling down to married life with his new bride.

The Nightingale also has him walking straight back into the very last thing he needs – a murder investigation…

But when the body of a young woman is found in the churchyard of a nearby village, he finds himself in the midst of a particularly harrowing case, shrouded in mystery and secrets.

Doing his best to juggle his personal and professional lives, Stone quickly establishes the identity of the killer – at least in his own mind – leaving him with just one problem…

A complete absence of any evidence.

Are Stone’s suspicions correct though, and more importantly, will he be able to prove them, before the guilty party escapes?

Set in rural Surrey, The Nightingale is a murder mystery with a romantic twist, which should ideally be read in order with the other titles in the series.